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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Episode 1 - Nathaniel - A New High School

Episode 1 - Nathaniel - A New High School

You can start off by looking around the school or going straight to Nathaniel.

  • If you go to see Nathaniel first, he will have your form. Go talk to him until he gives it to you.
  • If you look around the school first, you will have to find Ken who has your form. Go talk to him until you have the option to ask him if he received an extra form.
Money Needed for this Episode:

Registration: $25

Photo: $10

Date outfit: $60

Hidden Objects:

Paperclip - In the classroom

Fairy Godmother / Aunt:

Pearl necklace in the hallway

Affinity is how much they like you.  (MY COLOR CODE)
Green means they will like you more.
Blue means they will be unaffected.
Red means they will like you less.
-The negative affinity is what I calculated each time after choosing the bad options.
(the dialogue might be different if your affinity is low...)

When you meet Nathaniel your options are:

  • HELLO?! Nathaniel, are you in here? (Affinity - 7) (Answer - "This isn't a circus, no need to shout. I'm Nathaniel, the student body president, what do you want?") 
  • Hello, I'm looking for the student body president. (Affinity +6) (Answer - "Hello, I'm Nathaniel, do you need something?")
  • Hi, have you seen Nathaniel around? (Affinity Unaffected)
  • The principle asked me to see you about my enrollment form. (Affinity + 5) (Answer - "Oh, you're the new student, sure, I'll take a look." )
  • You're supposed to check my enrollment form. The principle said so. (Affinity - 7)

Nathaniel: "Well... It looks like there are some things missing here. Let's see... You still need a photo for your ID and $25 for the enrollment fee..."
(You need to go to the city then the Dollar shop for your ID)
Nathaniel: "And the most important thing, you seem to have forgotten to hand in one of these forms, the one with your parents' signature. You need to take that in too."

  • It's not a big deal, isn't it? (Affinity - 14 ) 
  • I checked everything myself, are you sure? (Affinity + 5) (Answer - "Just in case, I'll make sure your form didn't get put in another file. Go and take care of your photo and money for the enrollment fee.") 
  • Ok, I'll leave it with you then and come back when it's ready. (Affinity - )

Nathaniel: " So your file, is it coming along? I haven't had a chance to see if your enrollment form was around here, can you come back just in case?"

  • Humpf... Can you stop bothering me about that please? (Affinity -11) 
  • Do you only talk about paperwork? Are you that uptight? (Affinity unaffected) (Answer -"Well administrative work is not particularly fun... I guess I should try to lighten up a bit once in a while.") 
  • It's obvious that you don't have a lot of fun. (Affinity +) 
  • Come on. I'm sure you can be fun if you want to be. (Affinity +) 
  • Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. (Affinity +) (Answer - "Yea, I'm not really known for being funny, I should try harder.") 
  • You should try laughing a bit once in a while, it might help. (Affinity - ) 

Nathaniel: "Oh (Your Name), I forgot to tell you, I'm sorry but your registration couldn't be completed."

  • This is a joke, right? (Affinity +) ("Answer - Awh... You fell for it!") 
  • What? Why? What did I do wrong? (Affinity +) 
  • ... Are you kidding me? There's no way I can enroll here? (Affinity - )
  • "Ha, Ha, Ha." (sigh) Pretty lame joke. (Affinity - ) (Answer - Geez, if you take it like that.
  • Your jokes are not that great. (Affinity Unaffected) 
  • Ah, that's not funny, you had me worried. (Affinity + ) 

You see him again:

You: Hey, you never told me if you found your enrollment form or not.
Nathaniel: "Oh yes, I'm sorry, it really was mixed in with other papers, I put it aside for you. Here you go."

  • So do you know where I can get an ID photo taken? (Affinity Unaffected) (Answer - You can go to the dollar store, they have a photo booth.) 
  • You wouldn't happen to have any money for my enrollment fee, would you? (Affinity - ) 
  • (Don't ask anything else) (Affinity Unaffected)

You can ask him for money for the enrollment fee, but he has nothing, and it lowers your affinity slightly.

After you get your paperwork you need to find the principle, she will ask for a paper clip. The paper clip will be on the desk in the classroom.


Episode 2 - Nathaniel - Introduction To The High School Clubs

Money Needed for this Episode:

Nathaniel's Date Outfit: $100
Castiel's Date Outfit: $105

Ken's Date Outfit: $80

Fairy Godmother / Aunt:

Rainbow Bracelet in the garden

If you're in the gardening club- put the fig tree in the council room because Nathaniel is allergic to pollen.

Nathaniel: "Hi, so what's new? Is everything working out for you?"

  • (cry a bit) (Affinity Unaffected)
  • Could I ask you why my picture for my file is scribbled on and plastered all over the school? (Affinity Unaffected) 
  • There are some girls here who really don't like me and are trying their best for me to know it. (Affinity -)

Nathaniel: "Listen, I'm sorry, I don't know how anyone got a hold of your picture."

  • You're not a very good student body president! (Affinity -) 
  • ... Is it you? (Affinity -)
  • Can't you do anything? Dish out some punishment to those who did it! (Affinity + 6) 

Nathaniel: "Well I don't have the authority to discipline students, only the administration and the teachers can do that. So I can't do anything to the people who did this. But I can see how one might think it might be my fault. I'll take the pictures down for you, ok?"

You: Ok thanks... I'm sure it was those three pests that did it.

Nathaniel: "What pests?"

  • They're always together, and Amber, the blond girl mentioned you. All three of them are total idiots. (Affinity +6)
  • They're always together, and Amber, the blond girl mentioned you. In any case, It's clear she's the worst of the three, and I think she likes you, so be warned. (Affinity - )
  • Those three girls, especially that Amber... She's a real #@=?!!! (Affinity - )

If you choose the gardening club:

Nathaniel: "Do you need something?"

  • The principal said someone needed to help out with the gardening club. Can you send someone please? (Affinity -) 
  • Do you know anyone in the gardening club? (Affinity +)
  • Can you show me where the gardening club is? (Affinity Unaffected)

Nathaniel : "Well, I have to admit that I don’t spend much time at the clubs, I don’t know much about them, sorry…"

  • Insist (Affinity -)
  • Don't Insist (Affinity Unaffected)

Nathaniel: Hey, What are you doing?


Nathaniel: And what did you put in here?


*Choose the fig tree*

Nathaniel: ... Ah, I was afraid you were putting a plant with pollen in here, or something like that. I'm totally allergic, and I would already be sneezing by now.


Nathaniel: Nah, don't worry, a green plant like that is fine. It will even brighten up the place.


If you choose the basketball club:

You: Nathaniel, have you seen any basketballs around here? 
Nathaniel: No, why? You have to find the club's basketballs, right?
  • Yes, I'm having a hard time finding them, It's a pain. (Affinity -)
  • Yes, I'm looking for them... It's something to do at least. (Affinity + 6) 
  • Humpf!... Yeah, I've been looking everywhere but I can't find them ... (Affinity +) 

*Castiel's Absentee Note*

Nathaniel: Ah I'm glad you're here, I was headed for the schoolyard. Can you do me a favor?
  • No, I don't think so. (Affinity -)
  • Yes, of course. (Affinity + 5) 
  • What kind of favor? (Affinity +)
If you choose B:
Nathaniel: Thank you very much, I have an absentee note that Castiel needs to sign, and frankly the less I see of him, the better. Can you get him to sign it and bring it back to me please?
  • That's your job isn't it? But ok, I guess if I'm supposed to be at the service of the student body president... (Affinity - )
  • Ok, no problem.  (Affinity unaffected)
  • Castiel?... He's not easy to get along with, but I'll try my best... (Affinity + )
If C:

Nathaniel: "You don't know how right you are. It's nice of you to do it for me, thanks."

You: But wait a minute, why does he have to sign the absentee note? Arent his parents supposed to do that?

Nathaniel: yes normally, but Castiel is legally independent. Because his parents travel a lot for their work, he has ti take care of himself, even for administrative stuff.
You : Oh, i see. I didn't know.

Nathaniel: He's stubborn as a mule, you have to insist a bit more and he'll sign.
  • Ok, I'll try again...  (Affinity + )
  • Humpf~ You talk of a favor... (Affinity - )
  • Yeeaah... but that guy gets on my nerves. (Affinity +)
Nathaniel: So?
  • So... he said if you were a man, you'd go ask him yourself. (Affinity Unaffected)
  • "Come and ask me yourself if you're a man!"(imitate Castiel's voice) (Affinity +)
  • Your a guy, you're the student body president, you go and ask him yourself! (Affinity - )

Nathaniel: Did you get it this time

If it's signed: (Affinity + )

Nathaniel: Really? That's great, I'm impressed! You really helped me out there. Thank you very much.


Episode 3 - Emergency, Lost Dog!
(A) Hi, so... Did it work out with the absentee note in the end?

Nathaniel: Yes, but even if he cut classes, he won't be expelled, at least not this time.

(A) Ok well that's good, isn't it?

Nathaniel: (He shrugs his shoulders) Well anyway, I'm sorry for getting you involved in that, I shouldn't have asked you to do that for me and put you in that situation. But, we can talk about something other than Castiel, can't we?
  • Well, have you seen a dog around here?  (Affinity + 6)
  • Well, the principal went ballistic with me!  (Affinity unaffected)
  • Well, the principle totally lost it with me! She was acting crazy just now. (Affinity - 4)

If you pick A:
Nathaniel: The principal's dog? Has he run away again?
  • Yes, exactly! But that's not a reason for her to take it out on me! (Affinity - 4)
  • She's unbelievable. It's her dog and I would be surprised if we were allowed to bring animals to school. (Affinity + 6)
  • And what am I supposed to do? Why am I the one who has to find her dog, don't I have anything to say about it? (Affinity unaffected)

Nathaniel: (Your Name), I saw the dog run by here just a second ago! I tried to catch him but he was off before I could get close.
  • Are you busy right now? It would be easier if we tried to catch him together. (Affinity - 4)
  • I found his toys and things, but he doesn't seem interested. (Affinity unaffected)
  • I think I'm going to give up, he doesn't seem to want to be caught.

*The Gardening Club*

Nathaniel: Really? Who?

  • Jade, he doesn't go to this school, I don't think you know him.
  • Is this an interrogation by the student body president?
  • Jade, he takes care of the plants for the gardening club.

If you choose A:

Nathaniel: Even in this school, I don't know everyone, you know.

  • Oh, I thought you did.
  • Come on, I'm sure you look into everyone's files, don't you?
  • Yes... that's normal I guess.

Nathaniel: Come on, there's lots of students here. I just know all of the teachers.

  • Teacher's pet!
  • Are they nice?  (Affinity + )
  • Yeah well... they're just teachers after all.


*The Basketball Club*
Nathaniel: I saw the principal, she seemed to be in a good mood, I guess you got her dog back?
(A) Yeah, finally! Now I'm doing a favor for someone from the basketball club.


Nathaniel: Really? Who?  

  • Dajan, he doesn't go to this school I don't think you know him.
  • Is this an interrogation by the student body president?
  • Dajan, he's training here with the basketball club. (Affinity unaffected)
  • By the way, I'm sure you have a dog too! (Affinity - 4)
  • By the way, I'm sure you have a cat!  (Affinity + 6)
  • By the way, do you have a pet?  (Affinity + 6)
If you choose B:
Nathaniel: No, I would like a cat, but my mom is allergic.
  • That's too bad, cats are really cute. (Affinity + 6)
  • Another allergy? Does everyone in your family have a problem or what? (Affinity - 10)
  • Why don't you get a dog then? (Affinity - 7)
Episode 4 - The High School Ghost
Nathaniel: Ah, hello and welcome sir.
  • So this is the student council room, next time you need help, I suggest you ask Nathaniel, he's very helpful.  (Affinity + )
  • So this is the student council room, next time you need help, I suggest you ask Nathaniel, he's ready to do anything to make a good impression.
  • So this is the student council room, next time you need help, this would be the place...

Nathaniel: What, are you serious?
  • No, it's a joke!
  • Of course I'm serious! Please do something.  (Affinity + )
  • This is not the first time I've mentioned this!

Nathaniel: I'm really sorry, she can be really difficult at times, at home too lately... maybe I can reimburse what she took.
  • It's not the money... You could talk to her so she'll at least leave me alone. (Affinity + )
  • She took. But I also want her to learn a lesson!
  • Ok, give me $10 and we'll say no more about it.

Nathaniel: Not yet, I haven't had time.
  • Come on, it's your sister, get a move on.
  • Ok, anyway, there's no rush now.  (Affinity - )
  • Ok, I'll come back. (Affinity + )

You: You haven't seen her yet have you?
Nathaniel: Uh...no I haven't. Sorry.
  • Ok, I have to find some way to get back at you're sister.  (Affinity - )
  • Ok, I want to get revenge on your sister. (Affinity - 6 )
  • Ok, do you want to help me give your sister her retribution? (Affinity - )

Nathaniel: You want to get revenge? Isn't that a bit stupid to act just like her?
  • I want it to be worse than what she's done!
  • It's ok, hang on, nothing that bad. (Answer - Hmm...I don't know if I can condone that kind of thing you know... ) (Affinity - )
  • Well apparently the administration won't do anything, so I'm going to take care of it myself.  (Affinity - )
If you pick B:

(A) You don't have to know about it!
Nathaniel: Uh... Ok, I guess things aren't always black or white. I'll first try talking to her, ok? And I promise, that if she doesn't want to listen to me, I'll help you pull a prank on her.

(A) Ok, It's a deal!

Nathaniel: I finally talked to Amber.

  • Yes I know, thanks, she just yelled at me. What did you tell her? (Affinity - 6)
  • So I saw, It didn't take her long to yell at me. Was what you told her supposed to help?  
  • And what did you tell her? It didn't seem very effective in any case...

Nathaniel: Really? I'm sorry...I told her that I'd let it go this time, but next time I would tell the administration.

You: (A) So what did she say?
Nathaniel: Ah, she took it badly and told me that if I did that, she'd tell our parents that I pick on her at school.

  • So, that's not true is it?  (Affinity unaffected)
  • Serves you right, all this time I've told you that your sister is a real pain. (Affinity - )

Nathaniel: Well...I was mean to her when we were little, so that kind of stuck and...my parents always believe her side of things.

(A) I'ts obvious that she gets away with everything...

Nathaniel: Yes apparently...But I'm surprised at my sister though, I didn't think she was like that at school, I should have listened to you before.

  • You finally admit your mistake! Will you help me then?
  • It's ok, but you could help me then, don't you think? (Affinity - )
  • You can make it up to me by helping me out?  (Affinity unaffected)

Nathaniel:  You're talking about your little revenge, aren't you? What exactly do you want?

  • To get her kicked out of school!
  • A couple of clues, something she doesn't particularly like...   (Affinity unaffected)
  • To make her suffer!
Nathaniel: Danalise, I thought about it, I might have an idea for you.

(A) I'm listening?

Nathaniel: She has always been scared to death of spiders, you might be able to use that?

  • You're telling me I should go and find... spiders? Yuck.   (Affinity - )
  • But I'm afraid of spiders too! (Affinity unaffected)
  • What am I supposed to do with spiders?  (Affinity - )


Nathaniel: (Your Name)! The principal just told me that you were being punished because she caught you graffiting a locker with Li?!

  • Yes, it's your fault, it took me too long to put those spiders in her locker and I got caught!  (Affinity - )
  • Yes, Li saw me, she got involved and we both got punished. (Affinity unaffected)
  • Yeah... it all fell on me, and this is the first time I've done anything...   (Affinity - )
Nathaniel:  I told you that it was a bad idea to do that kind of thing.

  • Oh don't lecture me, ok?  (Affinity - )
  • But it was just so tempting... I was just unlucky.  (Affinity - )
  • I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, but I'd do it again if I had the chance.  (Affinity unaffected)


Nathaniel: Oh, yeah you were here after school...So what did you see?
  • Is everything ok? You look weird.  (Affinity - )
  • Well... um, I was here with Li, you know, why? You look weird. (Affinity - )
  • Guess!  (Affinity + ) 
Nathaniel: (He coughs) A...a ghost you say?
  • Yeah! It was so scary! I was on the staircase with Li, just about ready to leave and we heard this noise and then we saw this shadow! And... we ran away. (Affinity - )
  • Yes, like a scream, and then this large shadow appeared!
  • I think so, anyway I don't know if it was a ghost, but we saw this human shaped shadow appear.
Nathaniel:  It must have been your imagination I think.
  • No, I'm telling you there's a ghost! I'm going to investigate it...
  • We couldn't have both imagined it! I'm going to carry out an investigation.
  • I don't think so... I'm going to carry out an investigation.  (Ends Conversation)
Nathaniel:  Why do you want to carry out an investigation? You really believe in ghosts?
  • Yes, I really believe they exist.
  • Maybe? In any case, something was there, that's for sure.
Episode 5
Nathaniel:  (Your Name)! I heard the principal. You took too long and she saw you, didn't she?
Nathaniel: I told you to be careful. I hope this won't get me into anymore trouble...
Nathaniel: Oh yeah, did you find anything in the teachers' lounge?
Nathaniel: No not really... Tell me if you find out who's it is.
Nathaniel: Can I see that bracelet that you showed me earlier on again?
Nathaniel: ...
Nathaniel: I think it's my sister's...
Nathaniel: Ok, sorry, but I really have to have a serious talk with her... Thank you.
Nathaniel: ...
~ Yes...
Nathaniel: (Your Name), can you please try to find the exams? I have to go have a talk with Amber...
Nathaniel: Amber didn't open it? What a relief, I can finally get all of this settled...
Nathaniel: I'm going to put it somewere in the teachers' lounge, they'll think it just got put in the wrong place. that should work I think.
Nathaniel: I'll... I'll make sure she gets suspended a couple of days for something or other, she really went too far this time.
Nathaniel: I don't really want to, but I don't see what else I can do.
  • I understand, but I think you're right.
  • There's no other solution, you have to!
  • You shouldn't do that!
Nathaniel: Thanks, I hope she learns her lesson and things will get better.
Episode 6
----Coming Up----


  1. I was wondering if you had (or knew anyone with a similar blog)with a walk-through of Lysander. I wanted to be able to romance him in the game but I made him mad and I don't know what I am doing wrong....
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    1. I wish I did, but any walk-troughs past episode 5 are hard to find. I will research into it and tell you if I find anything. If you find something before then, please tell me =). Good luck and sorry I could't be of more help.

  2. Thank you for this walkthrough! I really appreciate it and it has helped me a lot. Thanks again!! :)

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  6. Ugh, I want them all to love me. So far I'm in Episode 2 and all my Affinity's with Kentin, Nathaniel, and Castiel are around 60 because I'm just being my kind old self. So far Nat is 1st and Castiel is 2nd, leaving Kentin in 3rd (honestly, I think he's sweet and the outfit my Candy uses for the afterschool date with him is pretty cute).

    My struggle so far is that I won't force Castiel to sign the flipping note that Nat should not have pushed me to do (though I said, "Yes, of course" because of how cute he is and how passive and kind I am). I'm wondering what negative Affinity points I may have gained because of that-I have not confronted Nat yet because of my fear and also because of my lack of Action Points. I hope it isn't too many otherwise Castiel would be in 1st! And I want to defend Nat since anger management issues aren't attractive! Maybe my I unsigned absentee note and my defense for Nat will cancel each other out...leaving him in 1st (his rightful place! I ain't dressing like a prostitute/vampire for Castiel...dressing like an old grandma for Nat is way preferred! lol). Anyone else have this problem or am I the only one not compromising here?

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